Silver Wedding Package


Your Perfect Day, Our Perfect Package

The Silver Wedding Package is tailored to provide great food, service and style without breaking the bank. It includes Full length table cloths, Bella chair covers, and organza with skirting for the head table, Decor & Sign-in Tables.

Members: 200 - 400
Package Price: ₹ 10 Lakhs (Approx.)

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The silver package may include a more spacious and elegant venue that can accommodate a larger number of guests. It might offer multiple spaces for different wedding events, such as the ceremony, reception, and pre-wedding rituals.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan


The silver package will likely include more elaborate and customized decorations to enhance the overall ambiance and theme of the wedding. It may include floral arrangements, drapery, lighting, props, and other decorative elements that align with Indian wedding aesthetics.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan


The silver wedding package often includes a wider variety of menu options, including both traditional Indian cuisine and international dishes. It may offer a more extensive selection of appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages. The package may also include special dietary accommodations, such as vegetarian or vegan options.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Wedding rituals

Indian weddings involve numerous rituals and ceremonies. The silver package may provide enhanced arrangements and assistance for these rituals, ensuring that they are conducted seamlessly. It may include additional items and decor specifically tailored to the rituals, such as ceremonial thalis, wedding garlands, and sacred fire setups.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Photography and videography

The silver package may offer more comprehensive photography and videography services, capturing a greater number of moments throughout the wedding events. It might include a longer video, a larger quantity of edited photos, and the option for additional services like pre-wedding shoots or photo albums.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Wedding coordination

The silver wedding package often includes a higher level of coordination and support from the venue or planner. This may involve a dedicated wedding planner or coordinator who will assist with the overall planning, timeline management, vendor coordination, and ensuring a smooth execution of the events.

Conclusions: We provide you with the best services & clarify the specific details of the silver wedding package including the venue. Specify with the exact number of members or guests included in their silver package and any additional fees or options available for accommodating larger groups if needed.

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