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A platinum wedding package for an Indian wedding typically represents the pinnacle of luxury and extravagance. It is the highest-tier package offered by wedding venues or planners, providing an unparalleled level of opulence and personalized services.

Members: 600-1000
Package Price: ₹ 25+ Lakhs (Approx.)

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The platinum package offers exclusive access to the most prestigious and iconic wedding venues. It may include the rental of opulent palaces, luxury resorts, or heritage properties known for their architectural beauty and historical significance. The venue may provide lavish accommodations and dedicated areas for each wedding event.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan


Platinum wedding packages feature extravagant and breathtaking decor that leaves a lasting impression. The package may include luxurious floral arrangements, grand stage setups, state-of-the-art lighting designs, exquisite table settings, and premium fabrics and props. The decorations are custom-designed to reflect the couple's unique vision and style.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan


Platinum packages offer a culinary experience of the highest caliber. The catering services may include a gourmet menu curated by renowned chefs, featuring an extensive array of delectable dishes from various cuisines. The package may incorporate high-quality ingredients, innovative presentation, and the option for live cooking stations or interactive dining experiences.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Wedding rituals and entertainment

Platinum packages prioritize the flawless execution of traditional Indian wedding rituals with an added touch of grandeur. The package may include elaborate setups, intricate props, specialized costumes, and professional guidance for each ritual. Furthermore, it may offer premium entertainment options such as live music performances, international artists, fusion dance troupes, or other customized entertainment acts.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Photography and videography

Platinum wedding packages provide a comprehensive and artistic documentation of the wedding celebrations. The package may include an experienced team of photographers and videographers using state-of-the-art equipment to capture every precious moment. It may also offer additional services such as cinematic wedding films, aerial cinematography, multiple-day coverage, or customized albums and video compilations.
cost of wedding planner in Rajasthan

Luxury services and VIP treatment

Platinum packages go beyond traditional wedding services and provide a range of luxurious experiences and VIP treatment. This may include exclusive access to VIP lounges, personalized concierge services, luxury transportation arrangements, spa and wellness treatments, personal stylists, or curated experiences for the couple and their guests.

Conclusions: We provide you with the best services & clarify the specific details of the silver wedding package including the venue. Specify with the exact number of members or guests included in their silver package and any additional fees or options available for accommodating larger groups if needed.

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