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A gold wedding package for an Indian wedding typically refers to a premium or high-end package offered by wedding venues or planners. Gold packages are designed to provide an elevated and luxurious experience, incorporating a range of services and amenities.

Members: 400 - 600
Package Price: ₹ 20 Lakhs (Approx.)

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The gold package often includes the rental of a prestigious and lavish venue. It may offer exclusive spaces such as grand ballrooms, palace gardens, or opulent banquet halls. The venue might have additional amenities such as a private lounge area, VIP entrances, or separate areas for different wedding events.
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Gold wedding packages typically include extravagant and opulent decor to create a truly luxurious ambiance. The package may include intricate floral arrangements, elaborate lighting setups, premium fabrics, and ornate props. The decorations are often customized to match the couple's chosen theme or preferences.
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Gold packages often feature a gourmet dining experience with an extensive and diverse menu. The catering services may include a wider variety of international and regional cuisines, along with premium ingredients and exquisite presentation. The package may also offer specialized culinary services such as live food stations or interactive dining experiences.
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Wedding rituals

Gold packages prioritize the authenticity and grandeur of traditional Indian wedding rituals. The package may include enhanced arrangements for essential rituals, such as the baraat (groom's procession), the pheras (circumambulation around the sacred fire), or the grand entrance of the bride. The package may provide lavish setups, specialized props, and professional guidance for these rituals.
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Photography and videography

Gold wedding packages usually offer extensive coverage by professional photographers and videographers. The package may include a larger team of photographers and videographers, extended hours of coverage, and additional services such as pre-wedding shoots, drone photography, or high-end album and video production.
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Wedding coordination & Concierge services

Gold packages often provide a higher level of personalized wedding coordination. This may include a dedicated wedding planner or concierge service that assists with every aspect of the wedding planning process. The service may involve personalized consultations, vendor management, timeline management, and coordination of special requests or VIP services.

Conclusions: We provide you with the best services & clarify the specific details of the silver wedding package including the venue. Specify with the exact number of members or guests included in their silver package and any additional fees or options available for accommodating larger groups if needed.

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