Bronze Wedding Package


Celebrate Love Without Breaking The Bank

Generally, a bronze wedding package is an entry-level or basic package, offering a standard set of services and amenities at a more affordable price compared to higher-tier packages. The specific details of a bronze wedding package can vary depending on the provider and location.

Members: 50-100
Package Price: ₹ 3 - 4 Lakhs

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The package may include the rental of a venue that can accommodate Indian wedding traditions and customs. This might involve a larger space to accommodate a mandap (wedding canopy) and additional areas for pre-wedding rituals like the sangeet or mehndi ceremony.
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Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and elaborate decorations. The bronze package may include basic decorative elements such as flowers, drapery, and lighting. It could also include traditional props, such as diyas (lamps) or rangoli (colorful floor art).
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Indian weddings often feature an extensive menu with a variety of dishes. The bronze package might include a set menu or a limited selection of traditional Indian cuisine for a specified number of guests. It may include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages.
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Wedding rituals

Weddings involve several traditional ceremonies and rituals. The bronze package might include arrangements for essential rituals like the exchange of garlands (varmala), the sacred fire ceremony (havan), and the seven vows (saptapadi). The package may provide the necessary items and guidance for these rituals.
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Photography and videography

Professional photography and videography services are important to capture the precious moments of an Indian wedding. The bronze package may include a photographer and/or videographer to cover key moments of the wedding ceremony, as well as pre-wedding events. The package may offer a limited number of photos or a shorter video highlight reel.
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Basic wedding coordination

As with any wedding package, some level of coordination and assistance might be provided. This could involve managing the schedule, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring that the wedding events run smoothly.
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